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How to Clean Your Leather Wallet

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There are few things more pleasing to the modern gentleman than the feel of a high-quality leather wallet in one’s pocket. Indeed, a leather wallet is one of those items which acts as a mark of true distinction; it demonstrates that the owner takes care of the finer details in life, and combines practicality with beauty in the accessories he carries around with him.

With the proper care and attention, a fine wallet can and should last you a lifetime, and as such, knowing and understanding how to clean a leather wallet and take good care of it is of utmost importance.

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There are several benefits to learning how to care for your luxury leather wallet. Not only do you end up saving yourself a lot of money by firstly buying a superior product, and then ensuring that you make it last, but there are other plus-sides to consider, too.

You’ll be helping support artisanship and craftsmanship, as well as doing the environment a helping hand by eliminating waste. In this sense, everyone’s a winner!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some top tips regarding how to clean a leather wallet, and ensuring your accessory lasts for several decades to come.

1. Buy a Wallet That’s Worth Preserving

First and foremost, let’s take into consideration one undeniable fact. There’s no use in endeavouring to take care of a leather wallet which simply isn’t worth the effort, or is unlikely to last as long as it should. If your wallet is made from a low grade of leather, and hasn’t been put together by a skilled craftsman, it’s highly likely to lose its shape and lustre fairly quickly.

We’d suggest opting for a high quality Marlborough of England wallet, such as the Luxury Black with Orange Leather Jacket Wallet – this has been made from fine, smooth vegetable tanned leather, for a durable, beautifully textured and highly attractive finish which should last a lifetime with the correct care.

2. Avoid Over-Stuffing Your Wallet

This is something that many people are guilty of, and it isn’t difficult to see why: we often end up piling our wallets full of cards, receipts, photos and other items without giving it a second thought – but the problem with this is that we may be damaging the wallet by doing so. When a high-quality wallet is over-full, the natural fine grain of the fabric becomes stretched and warped, and the wallet eventually loses its shape and longevity.

The way to avoid this from happening? Simply pay a little more attention to what goes in and out of your wallet. Regularly give your wallet a clean-out, and get rid of any unnecessary items which threaten to leave it overstuffed.

3. Don’t Sit on Your Wallet

If you want to make the most of your luxury leather wallet, do it a favour and keep it in your front pocket or inside jacket pocket. All too many people keep it in their back pockets, and end up spending half the day sitting on an item they really should be taking better care of. When you sit on a wallet, the strain, pressure and weight you apply to it will damage the grain of the leather, and this can result in a damaged item.

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How to Clean a Leather Wallet

If you want to ensure your leather wallet ends up being a treasured and long-lasting item, it’s well worth learning how to care for and clean it properly. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your wallet clean, supple, and at its best.

The tools for the job

When taking care of any luxury item, you need the right equipment to do it properly. Luckily, the tools you need for cleaning and priming a leather wallet are nothing out of the ordinary – a couple of suitable soft cloths and a tub or two of leather cream will be more than sufficient.

Cleaning and removing stains

Wallets get a little dirty occasionally – it’s just something that happens when you’re using an item on a daily basis. However, it’s generally nothing to worry about; all you have to do when you notice a stain or a build-up of dirt is to remove it with a damp, clean cloth. For more serious stains, some leather conditioner will be necessary. This should remove the stain without affecting the dye or finish of your wallet.

Top Tip: Never use any cleaning products which aren’t specifically designed for use with leather. They can end up damaging the fabric or the grain, or removing the dyes from the surface.

Drying your wallet

Sometimes, water is unavoidable. Perhaps you’ve spilt a glass of water on your wallet, or maybe you’ve been caught out in a thunderstorm… either way, there’s a chance that at some point during your wallet’s lifespan, it’s going to get damp. All you should do in this instance is dry your wallet with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth, and leave it somewhere at room temperature in its original shape.

Top Tip: Never use a hair dryer or subject your wallet to extreme temperatures: this will cause it to crease, wrinkle or warp in shape.

How To Moisten Your Leather

High quality leather is made from animal skin, and just like your own skin it can dry out and requires moisturising to keep it in top form. We’d always recommend treating your wallet with a natural leather cream – it should be applied in small quantities with a suitable cloth – and rubbing this in circular motions to keep the leather supple and moisturised.

Top Tip: Don’t wait for your wallet to get very dry before moisturising it. Make it part of a regular care routine, and keep your wallet in peak condition!

An Item of Distinction

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article about how to care for your leather wallet. Whether you’re a proud wallet owner yourself, or somebody looking for leather anniversary gifts for him, we’re sure you’ll agree that there is something undeniably elegant and special about these wonderful accessories.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences – good and bad – regarding leather wallet ownership and care, and would especially like to hear about cleaning and maintenance tips, such as which leather products you couldn’t live without!

If you’re looking for a new wallet for yourself, or are seeking out personalised leather gifts for him, don’t hesitate to peruse the beautiful items on offer from Marlborough of England – a traditional leatherworking company, producing some of the finest examples of luxury leather wallets available today.