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Leather Photo Frames

Photo frames are not just a décor accessory; they house your most sentimental keepsakes. The photo of your wedding or that photo of your son’s first fishing trip are tokens of times gone by that always remain in the heart. The photo frame isn’t just a case for displaying the photo; it helps draw eyes to the photo and is a decorative item in its own right.

The luxury photo frame from Marlborough of England has a border made from handcrafted leather. The back is lined in silk material, giving it a pleasant-to-the-touch feel when you pick it up to admire the embedded picture. The leather frame also provides a nice changeup to ordinary frames typically made from hard material like glass or plastic.

Display the frame on your office desk, coffee table, night table, or mantle to add a combination of luxury and sentimental memory to the space. It becomes the centrepiece while all else fades into the backdrop. Guests will be mesmerized by the luxury frame but then move their attention to what’s important: that priceless photo.

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