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Cartridge Bags

Hunting is one of the traditional British countryside pastimes. It’s a thrill to get out into the countryside for deer stalking, pigeon shooting, and wildfowling. Field sports in England are a luxury that you are fortunate enough to enjoy. It’s important you have everything you need to engage in the field sports.

Cartridge bags provide you with a convenient way to carry all of your cartridges as you hunt. Leather cartridge bags are able to keep up with heavy outdoor use, as it’s highly durable and resistant to damage from weather, rain, and trees and bushes. If you want a quality cartridge bag for your hunting trips, consider the luxury leather cartridge bags offered by Marlborough of England.

Our bags are made using only the finest-quality leather, and they are painstakingly stitched and hand-crafted by artisans. We can even emboss your initials on the bag so you always know who the luxury leather cartridge bag belongs to.

We strive to combine form and function, and our leather cartridge bags provide you with a stylish way to carry cartridges on your next hunting trip.