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Cartridge Box

If you’re an outdoorsman looking for quality hunting equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Our luxury leather cartridge boxes are the ideal way to carry all the cartridges you need for your hunt, but in traditional British style.

Our cartridge boxes are designed to carry hundreds of cartridges, ensuring you’ll never run out as you stalk deer, shoot pigeon or wildfowl, or enjoy target practice in the beautiful outdoors. Our boxes are designed to be durable, and they can handle years of heavy use. Whether you’re an avid hunter or a weekend enthusiast, it’s an investment in your hunting you will never regret.

Marlborough of England prides itself on offering only the finest quality leather goods. Our cartridge boxes are handcrafted by British artisans, using leather tanned and cured in England. The leather is weather and water-proofed, and the boxes will keep up with you no matter how often you take them into the outdoors. We can even emboss your initials on the cartridge boxes.

Marlborough of England’s signature Logo “MW” is positioned on all of our Luxury Handmade Leather Goods and Leather Cartridge Boxes.

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