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Medium Jewellery Box

Some pieces of jewellery are worth beyond the number of zeros on their price tag. Some are heirlooms, while others were given by that special someone. These are the pieces you want to safeguard and cherish for life. These deserve to be kept in a special place. Our luxury leather medium jewellery boxes are just the place for your most sentimentally valuable jewellery.

Marlborough of England’s jewellery boxes aren’t just a fancy box for storing jewellery. They’re carefully crafted by hand and never mass produced from a machine. The surface is all leather, with the interior made from real suede. With its luxurious aesthetics, you have an accessory that is every bit as functional as it is stylish.

At dimension of 60mm x 110mm x 110mm, there is ample space for that wedding band, locket, or pair of cufflinks.

Our items are designed for more than just their intended use. Our accessories are about premium quality, and our jewellery boxes are no exception. This is an item you want front in centre in your bedroom.