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Home & Office

Marlborough of England is pleased to offer a wide selection of products that will come in handy for both home and professional use. All of our items are hand-made by skilled craftspeople, using only the best quality leather, steel, canvas, and wood.

Some of the items we offer include:

Mouse mats for home computer systems
Leather Kindle, iPad, and iPhone cases
Sterling silver, monogrammed pens
Desk blotters and travel trays
Leather photograph frames
Jewellery boxes and night trays
Wallets, cufflinks, and belts

Our products provide everything you could need for your home life and for use at work.

Marlborough of England specializes in handmade quality items. We use high-quality English leather, and all of the work is done by skilled local artisans. Our goal is to provide you with products that combine both form and function. We deliver style and elegance with a quality to match. All of our products are durable, with an ultra-long lifespan.

Marlborough of England takes great pride in being one of the top Luxury Leather Goods Manufacturers in England. Our products are Handmade in our workshop studio in Walsall, England, Home of the Leather Industry here in.