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Autumn Leather Gift Guide for the Distinguished Businessman – 2017 Edition

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Leather Gifts For Men

Autumn is the perfect season for re-evaluating your taste for fashion. This is when people begin to dress more warmly. This means more clothing and accessories for showing off your fashionista side. If you have a significant man in your life, there are plenty of leather gifts for men you can buy to help him show off his suave side.

Are you stumped on a gift idea? Not to worry; Marlborough of England carries luxury leather goods designed for the everyday businessman. These make perfect gifts for men who are not shy about adding an element of fashion into his professional attire.

A Luxury Leather Belt

A belt serves a greater purpose than keeping one’s pants up. When dressing professionally, the dress shirt needs to be tucked in, exposing the belt. A leather belt combined with leather suede shoes really adds charm and further sophistication to the casual business look.

What are the attributes of a quality belt? Our luxury leather belt – every component of it – contributes to the wearer’s appearance. It’s made from genuine leather, a brass nickel-plated buckle, and is stitched by hand. You also have the choice between tan and black chestnut leather.

belt - leather gifts for men

A belt that has all these tick marks are suitable for multiple occasions, from formal black-tie galas to casual outings in jeans and flip flops. The belt makes the wearer look more sophisticated or more simplistic depending on the accompanying attire. Either way, the belt complements the totality of one’s getup.

A belt should also feature the maker’s logo stamped into the belt and on a section that is visible. Our belt has the Marlborough of England insignia stamped next to the buckle. This shows that you are wearing an item that our leatherworkers have taken a great deal of pride in making by hand.  This becomes apparent when the leather retains its quality even after years of daily use.

A Luxury Black Billfold Wallet with Blue Interior

Unlike a woman’s purse, a man’s wallet is typically out of sight unless it’s being pulled out to make a payment or hand out a business card. Nevertheless, a leather wallet is a staple item for men who care about first impressions and the subtler aspects of fashion.

A high-quality wallet should be crafted from leather inside and out. Some manufacturers skimp on quality by only using leather on the exterior and using cheaper-quality materials for the interior pockets. This leads to subpar craftsmanship where the inner pockets begin ripping apart after several years of use.

Our billfold luxury wallets are made from Veg Tanned leather inside and out. The interior has blue leather lining, though other colours are available. Both the front and interior are embossed with our logo.

We also do personal engraving. By adding the initial of the recipient, you make it a highly sentimental gift item, one that will be cherished for many years. For your husband, father, or coming-of-age son, this is among the best personalised leather gifts for him.

Also, wallets are not limited to the conventional pocket-sized variants. You can also consider our leather jacket wallet, which is larger and has more space for accommodating additional cards, cash, and photos. This makes the perfect companion gift for a larger gift item like a leather jacket or trench coat.

A Large Canvas and Leather Holdall Bag

Holdalls are an alternative to the more conventional briefcase, making it ideal for men interested in exploring atypical fashion styles. It’s also a nice addition for men who like to switch up his carry-on accessory between a briefcase and bag.

Holdalls have an urban flare yet is just as professional for business use. Men can just as easily bring it into that important corporate briefing as they would a briefcase.

Our large holdall bag is lightweight and comes with various internal compartments, leather handles, removable shoulder strap, and twin zip fasteners. The interior has black leather lining with our logo engraved. A small pocket has also been added on the front, making it easy to quickly retrieve small items, such as your mobile.

Such bags are also versatile and are by no means limited to business professionals. They’re also great for university students who find a conventional backpack to lack in fashion and taste. This makes a terrific gift for a young man embarking off to university to explore a world beyond home. You can also present it as a gift to a son beginning his first day of internship or attending his first job interview.

Men’s leather bags come in just as many styles as a woman’s handbag. They come in various leather stitching. You know your man better than anyone else and can surly find a design that is in line with his own style and personality.

A Black Leather Conference Folder

When you’re the presenter at a conference, every aspect of your appearance matters. It doesn’t reflect well on you if you pull out a disposable and cardboard conference folder. Sure, a paper folder is fine for grade school, but not in a business setting in front of shareholders.

Like a wallet, you want to impress by pulling out a folder that is well crafted and is the hallmark of someone who is serious about his line of work.

Our black leather conference folder isn’t the typical folder with an interior sleeve on each side. The folder has multiple pockets on the right for storing A4-size papers. The right sleeve is for safeguarding the more important documents. A smaller slot is also included for storing business cards. The surface is lined with real black suede for a soft-to-the-touch feel.

This is one of the better leather gifts for men and for someone with an upcoming important meeting. Boost his confidence by presenting him a leather conference folder before he leaves the door for his make-it-or-break-it presentation.

Just think about the impression this makes when you pull out the folder for the documents that the clients or investors will sign to seal the deal. It’s a subtle way of showing that you value the deal that will signify a long-term business partnership.

A Brown Amazon Croc Underarm Leather Document Case

Our croc leather document case is a fancier version of one of those plastic portfolio folders. The case contains multiple slots for organizing documents and a holder for your business cards and equally lavish ballpoint pen. The exterior is lined with nubuck and exceptionally comfortable when toting it under your arm.

The case also comes with a solid brass buckle embedded with a lock. This makes it ideal for storing confidential documents and files with sensitive information. Unlocking the case in front of a client or investor shows that you take their privacy and confidentiality seriously. Two keys are included.

Alternatively, the document case can be kept in the home and used for storing sensitive documents, such as birth certificates, passports, medical records, and insurance papers.

For your business or lawyer significant other, there is hardly any other leather anniversary gifts for him that are better suited for a professional achieving the top rungs of the corporate latter. The case also makes a great gift for someone beginning their first day at a new office job.

Which of these items do you think is best for a successful or aspiring businessman? Mention your favourites in the comments section or suggest your idea of an ideal gift. For an assortment of leather gifts for men, check out Marlborough of England. Their catalogue consists of the very finest items created for everyday professional use.