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Small Jewellery Box

Some jewellery has a value beyond their price tag. Pieces like your wedding band or that charm bracelet given to you by that first love are keepsakes with a sentimental attachment. These items should be kept safe when not being worn. Jewellery should not be kept out in the open where it’s vulnerable to tarnish.

Our small jewellery boxes are the perfect storage case for storing your priceless rings, earrings, and necklaces. Every jewellery box bearing Marlborough of England’s signature is made by the hands of the very best craftspeople. The surface is covered in the best quality leather for a sophisticated look. The interior, with its lined suede, is equally as elegant and provides a plush surface for your most precious jewellery items.

Our luxury jewellery box isn’t meant for the closet. With its lavish design, this is one item you will want to show off and display front and centre on your dresser or night table. It will add an aura of high-class to its surroundings.