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Gun Slips

Hunting is a wonderful pastime! It’s a marvellous way to enjoy the great outdoors and test the skills passed down from generation to generation.

If you’re planning to go hunting, you need to have all the right equipment. Your gun is definitely a vital piece of gear, but the gun slip is equally important.

A gun slip is a simple leather carrying case designed to protect your gun from weather, water, and wear and tear. As you hike through the woods, fields, or marshes, the gun slip will keep your gun safe and dry. It’s the perfect way to ensure your gun is in good working condition no matter how often you take it out for a hunt, deer stalking, or wildfowling.

Marlborough of England is proud to offer luxury leather gun slips made from the finest leather and canvas. All of our goods are handmade by skilled craftspeople in England. You will not find better durability and versatility, or the luxurious elegance to match. Our leather gun slips bring fashion to your hunt, but with the ultimate goal of protecting your gun from damage.

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Showing all 2 results