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Conference Folder

Business meetings and presentations are just as much about how you present yourself as it is the material you present. You want to be professional, and you want to look prepared. Our luxury leather conference folder will help you in both of those areas.

A typical folder is made from plastic or thin cardboard. That may suffice for casual use, but that important shareholder meeting is no casual affair. Marlborough of England’s conference folders, by contrast, are completely hand covered in suede for that luxurious look and soft-to-the-touch feel.

The right side of the interior is lined with pockets for standard sized A4 paper, while the left has slots for storing important documents. There is also a smaller pocket for business cards.

Our leather conference folders are designed to elicit awe. You’ll get a silent nod of approval when you pull out your folder to hand out documents or proposals. It especially makes for a good first impression when presenting in front of high stakeholders and high profile investors.

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