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Dog Collars & Leads

A dog collar and lead is a must-have if you want to bring your pets into a city. In the countryside, the dog can run wild and free, chasing rabbits, squirrels, and even its own tail without inhibition. But in the city, surrounded by people and vehicles, you need to keep your dog on a lead—as much for its protection as well as for the protection of your fellow citizens.

Marlborough of England has a wide selection of dog collars and leads to choose from. We have all the options you need, according to your style.

With our dog leads, you get both durability and fashion. Our leads and collars are made from the highest-quality leather in the UK, and they have been hand-crafted to guarantee reliability. The traditional elegance of leather will make your dog look stylish as you walk down the street together. Best of all, the leather collar and lead are built to withstand years of use without fraying or breaking.

If you want a top-quality dog collar and lead, you definitely want Marlborough of England. We make it our mission to combine form and function!

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