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Leather Business Card Holder

To expand your business, you need to expand your connections. This means you must get out there and network with people. Even in the age of social media, there’s no replacement for meeting people face-to-face and handing out your business card.

It’s all about how you present yourself when making introductions to prospect clients. Every little detail from the handshake to your body language is picked up by the other person. It will sway his decision whether to do business with you. Pulling out your business card from a leather card holder gives you an additional breadth of a self-made businessman or woman.

Marlborough of England’s luxury leather business card holder features a leather front panel and lined Nubuck for the interior. The metal fastener makes it easy to open or close the case with the flick of a finger. The case can hold up to 10 standard-sized cards.

Our card holder isn’t just for holding your business cards. It’s designed to impress, and first impressions are critical when creating that all-important rapport with a potential future customer.

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