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Document Cases

The white-collar work setting is all about professionalism and presentability. Appearances especially matter during that all-important briefing or conference. Our luxury leather document cases aren’t just designed for safe document keeping; it’s also meant to impress.

Each document case from Marlborough of England is made by hand using the finest quality leather. Its timeless and old-style design exudes luxury, and that charm reflects on the man or woman carrying it under their arm. The interior contains a slot for your business cards and a pen loop for that equally fancy ballpoint pen.

The case is lined with Nubuck and is almost plush-like to the touch. In the centre of the flap is an English brass lock for keeping your documents safe and away from prying eyes and unauthorized access.

Our leather document cases provide document storage, document security, and fashion all rolled into one. Let the meeting attendees see how professional and meticulous you are when you retrieve those vital documents from a lavish case requiring a key.

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