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Unless currency is being exchanged, a man’s wallet is almost always out of sight. Nevertheless, a wallet is a fashion accessory just as much as a woman’s handbag. You can determine quite a bit about a man just by having a quick look at his wallet.

A lot of guesses can be made about a man with a Marlborough of England leather wallet. Our billfold wallet is handmade from the finest quality leather. The interior is embossed with our crown and is a mark of true English craftsmanship. This is reflected on the owner as someone who cares about the finer things in life. It’s a mark of luxury, sophistication, and grace.

A wallet is never just an accessory for holding your wad of cash and cards. At Marlborough of England, we believe it’s something much more. Our luxury leather wallet is designed to impress. It’s an item the owner is proud to pull out of his pocket and show off whenever making a payment.